CUE Online Platform

1 in 68 in the U.S. are living on the spectrum.
Life expectancy is ½ as long as the national average, 36 years. This is not because of the condition itself, but the related issues, such as isolation, depression, anxiety, and obesity.

They have difficulties of initiating conversations , responding to initiations, sharing enjoyment. Also, reading nonverbal cues and taking others perspectives.

A web-based social navigation, coaching, and practice platform. Learn. Practice. Explore. In your own time.

  • Role UX/UI Design
  • For Communication Platform for People who have Autism
  • Date March, 2018

He loves playing games, listening to metal music, technology, and animals. He’s also longing for social connection, find new friends, and build a loving relationship.

But this is especially difficult for him... because he live on the autism spectrum.