NOAH’s goal is to decrease the number of animals that are euthanized. Matching is conducted before a cat and its owner meet, so that relationship issues after cat are adopted are reduced. An inexpensive neutering service is offered to owners after they adopt a cat, which prevents the abandonment of kittens. As a result, there will be fewer animals to euthanize. This was a personal project. I hypothesized that this would close the gap between pet owner’s expectations and reality, and be the most effective way of reducing instances of euthanasia of cats based on owner’s circumstances.

  • Role Personal Project
  • Type Social Design and Service Design
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Problem: Each year thousands of unwanted animals are taken by animal control to so-called “dream boxes”, where they face an inhumane death by gassing. Japan has very few rehoming shelters, in 2010 around 205,000 cats and dogs were officially “culled” across Japan. That’s over 500 animals per day.

Research: I went to the Animals Rights Center learn more. Stray dogs were caught and euthanized in a place called the health department. After a listening to a lecture for an hour and a half, I went inside the facility. In the 2012 year roughly 300,000 dogs and cats were euthanized in Japan. In Tokyo there were 3728. Among them were: 258 house dogs, 3468 cats, and 7 rabbits. In Tokyo, there were mostly cats. In addition, those were mostly kittens. According to the staff, animals are often killed because of the circumstances of their owners.

Concept – Problem and Solution

Customer Touch Point:
1)Owners searching on the website for a cat they would like.
2)Potentials pet owners can see the details of the cats in the pet shop on iPads that are easy to catch the eye.
3)After purchasing a cat, the store clerk will include a pamphlet on how to take care of that specific breed of cat.
4)Afterwards owners can use the NOAH platform to make blogs and discuss concerns they have. Useful communication can be established with other pet owners and their pets.

Output – Service, Brochure and Website