This is a Prototype of Video Chatting Website:

I joined the Human Hackathon, which focused on breaking down current barriers that the human race faces and how can we positively use technology to make us better humans.

Our group’s inspiration was from our group member, Yuka Fukuoka. I told them that a problem that she struggles with is preparing for interviews. I said that it’s hard to throughly prepare for the interview and that this would be a great way to practice.

What it does:
Our web-app and iphone app puts people who need specific interview practice in touch with real-life employees, in their desire field of interest, for a mock interview. The interviewee gets valuable feedback and techniques that they can implement when their real interview comes around.

How we built it:
We built it with html and javascript.

Challenges we ran into:
One of our biggest challenges was zeroing in on the customer and focusing on how the app can directly help them.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:
We are proud of the team dynamic that we were able to create within a few hours of getting to know each other.

What we learned:
We learned that centralizing around one common idea and sticking to it can be very difficult.

What’s next for Job Hunting App
We plan to develop this app more throughly and hopefully make it accessible to people who are in need of the practice.

STACHA device was featured in the blog of the current program that I am enrolled in.

Our team won the second prize for Data Visualization Track – NYC Media Lab Advanced Media Hackathon sponsored by MLBAN.

New York City’s largest born-and-bred tech startup, MLBAM is a full service solutions provider delivering world-class digital experiences for more than 16 years and distributing content through all forms of interactive media. Its digital leadership and capabilities are a direct result of an appreciation for designing dynamic functionality for web, mobile applications, and connected devices while integrating live and on-demand multimedia, providing valuable products for millions of fans around the globe. MLBAM also develops, deploys and distributes the highest-grossing sports app, At Bat, as well as manages live video content for dozens of sports, news and entertainment clients through its technology subsidiary, BAMTech. It captures, encodes and distributes tens of thousands of live video events annually, powering more live events on the Internet than any other property in the world.

About the Hackathon
In Fall 2016, NYC Media Lab presented a lineup of meetups when MLBAM shared its current experiments in data visualization, player tracking, big data analysis for recommender systems and fraud detection, and virtual reality. To build off the buzz from the meetups, NYC Media Lab presents the MLBAM Hackathon.

The hackathon will gather teams to build hybrid multimedia experiences and applications that explore the opportunity for sports content consumption, interaction and engagement. Areas for exploration include: VR, AR, predictive algorithms, machine learning, data visualization storytelling, projection mapping, livestream video, motion capture, 3D modelling, game design, animation, wearable technologies, and body-as-platform experiences.

1. Consider various data, such as transactional data from ticket sales, ballpark attendance data, At Bat app accesses, web traffic data, and social media data. How can we visualize MLB user/fan engagement levels during a specified Opening Day?
2. How can we use various data sources to tell stories about baseball fans and how they engage across various platforms?